Month: August 2010

  • Cool Videos

    Cool Video about our Solar System, all of the known asteroids found since 1980… This is what happens when you get magnets close to an old CRT TV or Computer Monitor This doesn’t happen as easily anymore, LCD, and LED Screens don’t get effected by magnets like the older CRT Screens. Wow, I guess that […]

  • Ubuntu 10.10

    So it will be that time of the year soon, the newest version of Ubuntu appears to be shaping up very well. This version is getting a lot of new features. they’re working very hard on removing bugs, and it even has a slightly different interface.  I’m looking forward to the newest Ubuntu.

  • Useful computer tip of the week

    Clean your computer on a regular basis.  This means keep the harddrive defragmented, remove old software, temporary files, and clean your registry. CCleaner is a good program for removing the old software, temporary files, and the registry. Also you should clean your computer’s interior as well.  Dust buildup can clog the fans, short out the […]

  • Useful software tip of the week

    Use CCleaner to keep your Windows computer running smoothly First analyze for files that can be removed, then remove them, then clean your regestry.  Doing those two things, your computer should become faster.

  • Changes in Computing

    Hmmm… Computers have changed a lot havn’t they?  I remember when we got a Gateway brand computer with Windows 95 installed, for over $1000.00 (I’m not sure on the number, I was a little kid at the time) It may have been powerful for it’s time, but now it can’t even compete with the lowest […]

  • Microsoft has a new marketing campaign

    Microsoft has started a marketing campaign against Apple, , and the Mac users don’t seem too happy.  I, myself am a Linux Person, and I remember Microsoft’s ‘Get The Facts’ campaign, which did the exact same thing to Linux, annoying lots of Linux users.  (Well they did have the top link on the Google […]

  • Useful Tip of the week

    Here is a program that many people will find useful. is a free office suite that can be used in the place of Microsoft® Office.  It may not have every feature of Microsoft’s Office Suite, but it has all of the features that the general computer user needs.  It has a Word […]