Month: September 2010

  • Useful Computer tip of the Week

    This one is for People that are using Linux. I know that some people like to edit video files on their computer, such as trim them for Youtube, or other video sites, but if they’re using Linux, there aren’t many good applications.  PiTiVi, the new default in Ubuntu 10.04 seems to be missing a number […]

  • Yet another great video by the nice folks at

    I do have to say, Open Source is doing very well right now, This video appears to have been made by professionals. Who says that free stuff is worthless?  The program that this was made in is free!  I’m looking forward to seeing this 🙂 Have a good … night! 🙂

  • Microsoft says that Windows is cheaper than Linux

    Well, I’ve seen this many times, Microsoft saying that their $200-$500 Operating system is cheaper than the $0.00 Linux.  Their reasoning is because “Everyone uses Windows, You have to spend time to learn Linux, and if you’re in a Business environment, that time is lost money. Also Linux Administrators are more expensive in business.” I […]

  • Useful computer tip of the week

    Avoid vendor lock-in by using open programs and formats. If it is possible for you to use instead of Microsoft Office, you can save a lot of money, and be assured that if anything goes wrong with your ability to use the program, there will be another program that can read it’s formats. Many […]

  • Well, time to say goodbye, Windows…

    So, Windows on my Desktop has been unable to boot for a few days, causing some of my work projects to fall a little behind.  At least I have not lost anything, due to backing up, and the fact that my Desktop is ‘Dual Boot’ Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10.  Windows 7 CANNOT read anything […]

  • Appeals Court Rules Some Software Can’t Be Bought

    So when you buy software in the store, you are just paying for the license to use it. You don’t own anything, the program that gave you the license can revoke it at any time.  As one person that pointed out, It’s not like any standard system of renting, in the end you don’t own […]

  • Take your time, Windows, take your time.

    I think that my last post on backing up came up just in time.  Today my computer is taking forever to boot into Windows 7, at least it also can boot into Ubuntu Linux, which I use more, but… it really shouldn’t take this long to start Windows. Well I guess that it’s a good […]

  • Useful computer tip of the week

    Sorry about my silence last week, things got a little bit busy. Now onto my useful computer tip of the week… Backup your computer on a regular basis.  Regular backups can save you from data loss, by accidental deletion, or harddrive failures. Yes Harddrives fail, I have two dead ones in my house… which I’m […]

  • Computer tip of the week

    Use Virtailization software to run multiple Operating systems on your computer Programs like Virtualbox, or VMWare allow you to install other Operating systems on your computer, so you can try another system out without fear of damaging your computer. Get Virtualbox at