Useful Computer tip of the Week

Screenshot of Openshot

This one is for People that are using Linux.

I know that some people like to edit video files on their computer, such as trim them for Youtube, or other video sites, but if they’re using Linux, there aren’t many good applications.  PiTiVi, the new default in Ubuntu 10.04 seems to be missing a number of basic features, which makes using a different program to make title screens, and transitions, a requirement.  Now a few days ago, I discovered OpenShot, a free and open video editing program.  it has all of the features that I need to make videos, and it is free! So if you’re a person that needs a good video editing tool, Openshot is the tool for you.

According to their site, they may make a Windows version soon, if they do, I’ll be installing it on my Windows laptop.

Have a good day!


Microsoft says that Windows is cheaper than Linux

Well, I’ve seen this many times, Microsoft saying that their $200-$500 Operating system is cheaper than the $0.00 Linux.  Their reasoning is because “Everyone uses Windows, You have to spend time to learn Linux, and if you’re in a Business environment, that time is lost money. Also Linux Administrators are more expensive in business.”

I have to go, What if you already have workers that have learned Linux, or if your people know Windows XP, but not Vista or 7, because Vista and 7 are quite different than Windows XP. Or they currently use Microsoft Office 2003, but not 2007, or 2010, you would have to spend time training workers to use the new office suite.

In the end, you can upgrade to Linux with OpenOffice, or Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Office, and often a paid Antivirus Suite.  Both ways you will have to spend about the same amount of time training your workers, so why not go for the free ones instead?

I’ve been hearing of a few businesses that are doing that, My Mom’s home company, Filbert Publishing, almost exclusively uses Linux, just a copy of Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine to run some website design software.

Oh and here are a few articles you may find interesting.
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Have a good day 🙂


Useful computer tip of the week
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Avoid vendor lock-in by using open programs and formats.

If it is possible for you to use instead of Microsoft Office, you can save a lot of money, and be assured that if anything goes wrong with your ability to use the program, there will be another program that can read it’s formats.

Many programs can read the Open Document Format used by Open Office., Google Docs, Abiword, KOffice, and recently Microsoft Office gained the ability to read and save in the Open Document Format. (Although it shows a warning screen telling you to save in Microsoft’s .docx format instead)

In the end, most of these programs can also open the Microsoft formats as well, but since they had to add that support by reverse-engeneering microsoft’s firmats, they can glitch, and formatting may be missing.

Look for open equivelants for your favorite programs, doing that can make your life easier!

That’s all for now

–Peder Erickson


Well, time to say goodbye, Windows…

The end of Windows 7 on my Desktop
Well, you're not starting up again, are you?

So, Windows on my Desktop has been unable to boot for a few days, causing some of my work projects to fall a little behind.  At least I have not lost anything, due to backing up, and the fact that my Desktop is ‘Dual Boot’ Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10.  Windows 7 CANNOT read anything in the Ubuntu part of the computer, but Ubuntu will easily read anything in the Windows 7 part.

Huh.  Windows cannot access anything but NTFS and FAT Partitions…  that is very annoying. Well, in the end Windows is the one that has died, which gives me a nice place to try the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 without screwing with Ubuntu 9.10 … oh and also…

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
24 days until Ubuntu 10.10 is offically released!


Appeals Court Rules Some Software Can’t Be Bought

So when you buy software in the store, you are just paying for the license to use it. You don’t own anything, the program that gave you the license can revoke it at any time.  As one person that pointed out, It’s not like any standard system of renting, in the end you don’t own the software that you went into the store and paid for. Comment found here: some-_n_713652.html (Read the whole article while you’re at it 🙂 )

It is of course even more strange in the Software Download world, where you don’t have any physical media that you can give to someone else.  Let’s just say don’t give your friend a copy of a downloaded program that you paid for, you can get in some trouble with the company behind the program.

In the end, you don’t own any programs installed on your computer, you’re just being allowed to use them by the company that you paid.  They can revoke your license to use the program at any time, at which point, you either have to pay for it again, or use it illegally, or move to a different program. (Hopefully Open Source, which doesn’t go by the same rules)

Man am I glad that I use Linux, and other free software. 🙂


Take your time, Windows, take your time.

Windows, taking forever to load
Take your time windows...

I think that my last post on backing up came up just in time.  Today my computer is taking forever to boot into Windows 7, at least it also can boot into Ubuntu Linux, which I use more, but… it really shouldn’t take this long to start Windows.

Well I guess that it’s a good thing that I backup my computers.  If Windows died, I’ll need to re-install.

Well, talk to you more later, Have a good day. 🙂


Useful computer tip of the week

Sorry about my silence last week, things got a little bit busy.

Now onto my useful computer tip of the week…

Backup your computer on a regular basis.  Regular backups can save you from data loss, by accidental deletion, or harddrive failures.

Yes Harddrives fail, I have two dead ones in my house… which I’m saving for a project later…

That is all 🙂

Edit: Wow, the first post on this blog was on Sept 12 2009!  one year! … I hope that this next year sees many more posts.  Have a good day!