New Ubuntu comes out tomorrow!

One Day leftI wonder how this new version of Ubuntu will work, I haven’t had time to get it running on one of my machines, and that testdrive feature only allows ~ 15 minutes before it logs you out, and as far as I can tell, I cannot try it again.

I’m planning on using the new Ubuntu in a VirtualBox Virtual Machine before I change any of my main machines, as I need them for business.

As I said, I ran the online Ubuntu yesterday, and it looked nice, although it was quite slow, that can be explained with the fact that my network isn’t as fast as I may have thought…

A lot has changed in this version, the main change is the fact that it doesn’t use the GNOME desktop anymore, but a newly developed environment called Unity.  Unity seems to have a base in the old GNOME, and as such, some of the interface features haven’t changed much from the previous version of Ubuntu.  Other changes include, Maximised windows have their controls move into the top bar, and the top bar also has a Global Menu.  Very few of the Ubuntu applications still show the menu on the window anymore, but a few do still (All Wine applications, Libre Office, and it appears that QT/KDE apps may not use it.)

All in all, I’ll need more than fifteen minutes to test it out to get a full opinion on the new version of Ubuntu.  It looks nice, and a lot has changed.  Though I’m fairly sure that I’ll have to disable the global menu, I have a dual screen machine, and if I have to go back to the main screen to select from the menus, well it would not be very fun…

Have a good day!


Try Ubuntu before you download!

2 days left...Conical has added a new feature to it’s website, you can try Ubuntu before you download it, and see if you like it.  (You can also do this while downloading)  I know that I’m going to try it out, I’ve heard a lot of good, and bad about the New Ubuntu.

You will have ~15 minutes, depending on your network speed, the slower your network, the less time you’ll have, as you will have to download some software on the first run, I had about 13.5 minutes on my first run.  I’ll be making a short review post later…

To try it out, go to

It appears that this feature will only be available for a short time, but I guess that it’s something that might become a bit more common…

Also, 2 days until you can download the full 11.04 version of Ubuntu, so two more days until I try it out on my own machines. 🙂

Have a great day!


Maximum PC | Fox News Decides That Videogames Cause bad stuff to happen, Gets Taken to Task by Real Journalists

We wanted to avoid covering this story altogether – our logic, of course, being that Fox clearly wants attention, and it’s pulled very similar game-demonizing stunts in the past. But the outlet’s misinformation-packed article is everywhere now, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t attempt to drop a kernel of actual truth into the mess. So we’re not going to talk about Fox or its alleged “experts.” We’re not even going to link to its article. Instead, we’re going show you some excellent investigative work by the fine folks over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

via Maximum PC | Fox News Decides That Videogames Cause Rape, Gets Taken to Task by Real Journalists.

Click the link above to read the entire article. Fox News has not done a good job at making itself look smart in the past few … years.  and saying that video games are so bad that they lead to rape is a good way to annoy gamers.


Maximum PC | System Wide Ribbons to Grace Windows 8

So, Windows 8 will be all ribboney…

According to, the Redmond software giant feels a ribbon interface will make Windows 8 more tablet-ready than Windows 7. It’s an interesting move from Microsoft, not just because ribbons will play a critical role in the next version of Windows, but also that Microsoft is opting to use the same OS for both mobile and non-mobile form factors.

via Maximum PC | System Wide Ribbons to Grace Windows 8.

As usual, click on the link above to read the entire article.

I’m not sure how well it’ll work, the ribbon takes a lot of screen space, I’d rather see the sides of the screen get used more, since we’re so big on wide screens.  If tall screens, or the old 4:3 style screens became popular again, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal, since we’d have a good amount of vertical screen space.