Month: September 2015

  • A link that can crash Google Chrome

    Here’s an interesting video… Disclamer: Don’t do this in your Google Chrome browser, at least as of now it’ll crash that browser. Interestingly Firefox just gives an ‘Server not found’ error, Edge… well it doesn’t do anything, Internet explorer brings up an error saying that it cannot find that address.  I don’t have Opera, so […]

  • Oculus Rift ‘Should Include Ads’ says Facebook Exec | Attack of the Fanboy

    Well, this isn’t really all that surprising…  Facebook makes most of its money from ads, so of course their director of Ads wants ads on all of their products.  It’s just sad that they want to push them into the faces of people that want to use the Oculus. The Oculus Rift was pretty much […]

  • Starcraft II Legacy of the void

    I must say that I’ve always been partial to the Protoss, their abilities are just so much more interesting than those of the Zerg and Terrans…  Also I like the fact that workers don’t have to stick around to ‘build’ a building.

  • AMD & ASync compute

    Well, over the last few weeks there has been a bit of chaos that has come up due to a new feature in Direct X 12 (And the open source Vulcan), Asynchronous compute.  Thanks to none of NVidias current cards supporting this feature, it appears that they might have some speed issues in upcoming DX12 […]