Man spends 48 hours in VR with no reported nausia

There’s an interesting article on Ars Technica about a man who spent 48 hours in VR with no ill effects.  From the article, it appears that he was using the Vive, which allows movment around a larger space.  I personally like to spend a fair amount of time in VR, though I only go for 2-4 hours at a time, at most.  (Sitting for any longer gets too… uncomfortable. 😛 ) Here’s a small excerpt from the article.

“I had no physical problems, no burning eyes, killing headaches or nausea,” Thorsten Wiedemann, the founder and artistic director of the A MAZE Festival, told Vice

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I haven’t had any issues with VR myself.  I spent a fairly long time using ‘Virtual Desktop‘ on my Oculus DK1 earlier in the week.  The only problem that I had was reading text thanks to the massive pixels (Evidently I don’t get motion sickness easily).   I wonder how long people will spend in VR in the future if given the chance.  Every new generation of VR Headsets is far more powerful than the one before it, and more comfortable.  The differences between the DK1 and DK2 are immense, and from what I’ve been reading, the jump from the Oculus DK2 to the Oculus CV1 Pre release units, or Vive Pre is just as large.  If they are that high quality, I’m sure that people won’t have any trouble with VR.


Extra Credits – 5 challenges for VR, and my view on their video

I feel that they certainly do have some points in their video…

VR does certainly have some hurdles to get over, the first VR craze will show us some examples of the hurdles that will need to be overcome.  I’m sad that VR didn’t take off in the 90s, but at least it appears to be getting a second chance at the consumer market.

I feel that it’s much more likely for VR to take off this time, the headsets are far more comfortable, computers have become far more powerful, and there will be some games that appear to be very high quality coming out, at least with the Rift.

Here is my take on their points

1 – None of the VR headsets are packaged-in peripherals

They talk a bit about the Kinect and Motion controls during this part of the video, the kinect was a packaged-in, almost mandatory peripheral for the XBox One, people just didn’t like it much.  Probably because Motion controls such as the Kinect, and the wiimotes do make people look a bit … silly.

Also the VR Headsets themselves are more like TVs than motion controlls, and your TV/Monitors aren’t usually packaged in with your Console or PC.  Both the Vive and Oculus will have their own motion controls though, I wonder how those will work out.  the Oculus won’t have the motion controls coming on release, unlike the vive.

On a sidepoint about motion controls, the Wii had motion controls as it’s main input, and from what I’ve read and seen, people did really like it.  My biggest gripe with the Wii and the Wiimotes is the fact that a large number of games were right-handed only.  Right-handed controls don’t work well for left-handed people like myself.  I really hope that the Oculus and Vive don’t have a large number of games like that with their motion controls.

2 – VR isn’t actually good for all games

No, it certainly is not.  At least without with some different design choices on the game itself.  I’ve seen people talking about how the classic Dungeon Keeper games and Black & White would make good motion control/vr games, thanks to how those games played.

3 – Delayed hardware

This has been bothering a lot of people, as they said, VR started coming up in 2012, now it’s 2016.  That is a bit of a long wait. At least it means that they’ve had a long time to work on the hardware and fix a lot of glairing issues that appeared in the Oculus DK1 and DK2.  I can’t say anything about the vive though, sadly.

4 – Too much hype

This one could be a problem.  I’ve seen when people get too hyped up about a new tv show or movie, just to be disappointed.  Some people will just give up on things like that and won’t come back until it isn’t being hyped up so much, that said, I don’t think that being overhyped has really completely killed something, at least unless it was a poor product on top of the overhyping.  I have the Oculus DK1 and DK2, I really like my DK2, and am looking forward to trying out the CV1 in March.


That’s what I’m thinking about this, I hope that you have a nice day. 🙂


Palmer Lucky: Linux support on Oculus Roadmap

I find it interesting that Palmer Luckey said that Linux support is on their roadmap, He also had some … choice words on Apple…  Well, from what I’ve seen, Apple computers aren’t built to play games, so it does make a bit of sense, most Macs don’t have the hardware to push gaming VR headsets.  I’ve also seen that many PCs are also in the same boat, my older gaming desktop probably won’t be able to push the CV1 well in games, it already was having some trouble with the Oculus DK2, and it was a decently high-end machine when I built it back in early 2011.

It’s nice to know that Linux is ‘on the roadmap’, which means that they may start working on it before too long passes, though as far as I’ve seen, a roadmap doesn’t mean that it’ll be coming soon, seeing as they dropped Linux and Apple like hot potatoes a while ago.   On another note, it appears that the Vive will have Linux support at launch, and I believe that OSVR also has Linux support, though OSVR doesn’t have many games from what I’ve heard.  Maybe I should look at getting one of those at some point.

Here’s the string of tweets from Palmer Luckey, Click here to read the entire thread.


Well, that’s all for now, have a nice day.


The Oculus CV1 preorders have opened

Earlier today the Oculus CV1 preorders opened on, to much complaining of the $599 price tag.  I have pre-ordered mine, as I really do like my DK2 and DK1.  I find it interesting that people are so agitated about the high price of this new device.  Of course a high-end device like this will be expensive, most monitors with a similar display are not that far away in price.  You do also need hardware that can push at least 75 frames per second, though 90fps will be much better from what I’ve heard.  The high system requirements are another point that is causing people to complain.

It also probably didn’t help that Palmer Luckey has said in the past that they were planning on releasing the CV1 at a price point ‘in the ballpark of $350’. This price certainly isn’t anywhere near that, and people in other countries (Canada and many European countries especially) have noticed that their price is much higher than the price in the United States, even when you count in the differences between currencies.  I think that a large portion of this would be taxes, as from what I remember of Europe, the tax is usually included in the price of a product.

As in interseting aside, Palmer Luckey posted this to Twitter:pl_twitter

Even with the high price-point, it sounds like a large number of people do want the CV1, as people, including me, have pre-ordered the device.  I wonder what their numbers really look like.  New orders will probably ship in May as of the time of this posting, so I’m guessing that a lot of people did probably buy the device.  Also he has had an AMA on Reddit, he says that he won’t be doing any more ‘ballparking’ as it was a very bad idea.  Evidently some media outlets had been announcing that the oculus would cost $1500 and he wanted to use the $350 to contrast it.  Yes, I think that the ‘ballparking’ may have been a bad idea in that case.

From what I’ve heard on reddit from people that have gotten to try out the non-released devkits, and more recently the pre-cv1s each time they show off a new device, it has a much higher quality than its predecessors.  Thanks to that, and my fondness of VR, I’m looking forward to recieving my Oculus CV1 in the near future.

Well, that’s all for now, I hope that you have an awesome day.  Also I think that this image is a very good interpretation of what’s been going on at the Oculus subreddit over the last day…

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7 Gamers, 1 CPU – Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log

Well, this got me to keep on working on making my new build work the way that I want it to…

My new build is almost complete, though I wasn’t able to do much work on it during my week off, seeing this reminded me of why I decided to make a new build in the first place.  I want to be able to switch between Windows Gaming and working on Linux with a button press.

I’m looking forward to having the computer running like that.  As of now, it is dual-booting between Ubuntu Linux and Windows 8.  It sadly isn’t quite as crazy as the one in this video, primarily because I’m not planning on running 7 VMs at once.

I think that the final build in the video looks very cool.  I’d love to see the OS Configuration that they have going.

Well, that’s all for now, have a nice day. 🙂