Author: Peder Erickson

  • Cleaning Up

    The site was hit by a virus during the last week, and the webhost blocked the files that were infected from being opened.  The mess is mostly cleaned up, clean data has been re-uploaded & I should be good to go again soon.  This certainly made an interesting week a bit stranger…  

  • Happy Pi Day!

    It’s a bit late in the day, but it isn’t 3.14 every day. 😛

  • SteamVR is beta is available for Linux!

    Though I haven’t gotten it to work yet, it is nice to see that Valve is working on SteamVR for Linux.  I’m looking forward to trying it out.  At the moment it looks like it’ll take a bit of tinkering, but it should be usable in the future.

  • It’s been a while

    Over the last couple of months I have had a bit of … fun.  My new computer started restarting randomly more and more often until it suddenly wouldn’t start up, it turned out to be a failed BIOS chip on the motherboard, so I have been going through the RMA Process.  Aside from that I […]

  • Lots of Minecraft VR News today

    Today 3 Minecraft VR related things happened. The first, and probably the largest one is that the official Minecraft VR version came out today, it uses Minecraft Windows 10 edition, and you need to own a copy of Minecraft Windows 10 edition to play the VR edition.  As an interesting sidenote, if you have the […]

  • Windows 10 Upgrade shenanigans

    From what I’ve been reading, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been doing some … odd things to peoples computers.  First is the whole thing about switching some group policies to only work on the Enterprise or Education versions, making the ‘Pro’ version less useful for businesses as those settings can’t be centrally managed anymore […]

  • Today is the last day of the Windows 10 free upgrade.

    Interestingly, Microsoft is sticking to their original plan for the Windows 10 Upgrade and ending it today, July 28th.  I find it interesting that they decided to not keep it going as they seem to really want people to upgrade, but it’ll be nice to have some of my older computers stop nagging me to […]

  • Computer Funtimes

    The last week has been a bit … interesting for me.  On the 14th my new computer wouldn’t boot, everything that I tried didn’t work, as I had to go to work, and wouldn’t get home again until very late, I left it for Friday night. On Friday I took the computer down and removed […]

  • Rift hardware DRM removed?

    I woke up this morning to some interesting news, it appears that Oculus removed the hardware DRM that they had added to their store in Version 1.4.  If they meant to do this, it’s very nice news, as this should make it easier to use other headsets with Rift games.  It is still recommended to […]

  • Yet another … odd Oculus Event

    It has been a while since I posted, there hasn’t really been much news as of late, at least nothing that has caught my attention, except for another ‘Oculus Exclusive’ issue that just popped up earlier today. First of all, Fallout 4 is going to be getting VR support, so far they have been talking […]