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  • Try Ubuntu before you download!

    Conical has added a new feature to it’s website, you can try Ubuntu before you download it, and see if you like it.  (You can also do this while downloading)  I know that I’m going to try it out, I’ve heard a lot of good, and bad about the New Ubuntu. You will have ~15 […]

  • My History with Computers Part 2, Windows XP, and Linux

    I’ve been having some issues with a Windows Vista install that has gone on the fritz, which is why I took so long to post this… Well, here is Part 2 of my History with computers. Now, somethime between 2001 and 2002 we got a Windows XP E-machine, it ran well, but my mom thought […]

  • Useful computer tip of the week

    Use Linux Live CDs to try Linux out before you think of installing, it will be a little bit slow, CD Drives are slower than Harddrives, but you can get a taste of what it would be like to use Linux.  This post was made from the Ubuntu 10.10 Live CD, which was released yesterday, […]

  • Useful computer tip of the Week

    Many Linux users may notice that there is no audio in Java applications.  I recently found an fairly easy way to fix this. This should work for Ubuntu users, I cannot vouch for other versions of Linux. Press ALT+F2 type in ‘gksudo nautilus’ (Without the quotes) enter your password go to /usr/bin search for ‘java’ […]

  • Microsoft says that Windows is cheaper than Linux

    Well, I’ve seen this many times, Microsoft saying that their $200-$500 Operating system is cheaper than the $0.00 Linux.  Their reasoning is because “Everyone uses Windows, You have to spend time to learn Linux, and if you’re in a Business environment, that time is lost money. Also Linux Administrators are more expensive in business.” I […]

  • Well, time to say goodbye, Windows…

    So, Windows on my Desktop has been unable to boot for a few days, causing some of my work projects to fall a little behind.  At least I have not lost anything, due to backing up, and the fact that my Desktop is ‘Dual Boot’ Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10.  Windows 7 CANNOT read anything […]

  • Take your time, Windows, take your time.

    I think that my last post on backing up came up just in time.  Today my computer is taking forever to boot into Windows 7, at least it also can boot into Ubuntu Linux, which I use more, but… it really shouldn’t take this long to start Windows. Well I guess that it’s a good […]

  • Ubuntu 10.10

    So it will be that time of the year soon, the newest version of Ubuntu appears to be shaping up very well. This version is getting a lot of new features. they’re working very hard on removing bugs, and it even has a slightly different interface.  I’m looking forward to the newest Ubuntu.

  • Microsoft has a new marketing campaign

    Microsoft has started a marketing campaign against Apple, , and the Mac users don’t seem too happy.  I, myself am a Linux Person, and I remember Microsoft’s ‘Get The Facts’ campaign, which did the exact same thing to Linux, annoying lots of Linux users.  (Well they did have the top link on the Google […]

  • Useful Tip of the week

    Here is a program that many people will find useful. is a free office suite that can be used in the place of Microsoft® Office.  It may not have every feature of Microsoft’s Office Suite, but it has all of the features that the general computer user needs.  It has a Word […]