Google Earth’s Surreal, ‘Melted’ Bridges PICTURES

I’m pertty sure that anyone that has used Google Earth for a large amount of time probably has seen this type of thing happening.  I must say that it’s interesting.

Google Earth explorers who view these satellite images sometimes come across astonishing, otherworldly sights. Artist and programmer Clement Valla, for example, has collected dozens of images of warped bridges spotted from California to the Catskills. Geekosystem explains that the pictures “[consist] of bridges zoomed in upon in Google Earth just so, revealing surreal, bendy, glitch-infused landscapes.”

via Google Earth’s Surreal, ‘Melted’ Bridges PICTURES.

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Long time, no see

I think that someone may have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated in a while.  I’ve been at Chef school for almost a week and a half, and they haven’t given us much free time, so this blog hasn’t gotten updated.

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I should be able to start posting again after Monday, which is when I will be arriving at my house again.

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