Well, time to say goodbye, Windows…

The end of Windows 7 on my Desktop
Well, you're not starting up again, are you?

So, Windows on my Desktop has been unable to boot for a few days, causing some of my work projects to fall a little behind.  At least I have not lost anything, due to backing up, and the fact that my Desktop is ‘Dual Boot’ Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10.  Windows 7 CANNOT read anything in the Ubuntu part of the computer, but Ubuntu will easily read anything in the Windows 7 part.

Huh.  Windows cannot access anything but NTFS and FAT Partitions…  that is very annoying. Well, in the end Windows is the one that has died, which gives me a nice place to try the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 without screwing with Ubuntu 9.10 … oh and also…

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
24 days until Ubuntu 10.10 is offically released!


Useful computer tip of the week

Sorry about my silence last week, things got a little bit busy.

Now onto my useful computer tip of the week…

Backup your computer on a regular basis.  Regular backups can save you from data loss, by accidental deletion, or harddrive failures.

Yes Harddrives fail, I have two dead ones in my house… which I’m saving for a project later…

That is all 🙂

Edit: Wow, the first post on this blog was on Sept 12 2009!  one year! … I hope that this next year sees many more posts.  Have a good day!