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  • Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void

    Well, it’s finally been released, I find it strange that I randomly found it at Target, I thought that it’d be a little while longer, but its already here.  I’m looking forward to a chance to play it, along with Fallout 4.  Also, most of you will already know this, but Fallout 4 was released…

  • Starcraft II Legacy of the void

    I must say that I’ve always been partial to the Protoss, their abilities are just so much more interesting than those of the Zerg and Terrans…  Also I like the fact that workers don’t have to stick around to ‘build’ a building.

  • Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth

    Here’s a nice 360 video…  Please note, this video will work best in Chrome (Especially on mobile devices) You can also watch it if you have an Oculus and the VR Desktop application installed. The video will look strange in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer (I haven’t tried Microsoft Edge yet, but I think that…