Oculus Rift ‘Should Include Ads’ says Facebook Exec | Attack of the Fanboy

Well, this isn’t really all that surprising…  Facebook makes most of its money from ads, so of course their director of Ads wants ads on all of their products.  It’s just sad that they want to push them into the faces of people that want to use the Oculus.

The Oculus Rift was pretty much a consumer darling since its inception. Launching on Kickstarter, fans quickly rallied around the device and the company that was trying to make it. However, upon the news that Facebook had purchased Oculus, that love turned to fear and sometimes anger.

Source: Oculus Rift ‘Should Include Ads’ says Facebook Exec | Attack of the Fanboy

I’m still sure that I’ll get the Oculus CV1, though I’ll also probably take a good hard look at the Vive, both look interesting, I just hope that games will have cross-device compatibility.


Tomorrow The Internet Will Begin to Die

This is to anyone that thinks that those of us that live in the United States still live in ‘the land of the free’ …

Tomorrow sees one of the most pivotal pieces of internet legislation pass through the halls of power in Washington. The ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ SOPA bill, combined with PROTECT IP Act, seeks to give the US Justice Department the power to force Internet Providers into blocking access to any website that is suspected of hosting or linking to copyrighted material.Provision for ‘going after’ ‘disputed sites’ hosting companies; search engines that link to them; payment services that support them, and other ancillary services will also be granted through the act.

via Tomorrow The Internet Will Begin to Die.

So basically, any corporation could yell out ‘Copyright Infringement!’ to any website on the ‘net, and then the site will just disappear.  It doesn’t seem that it’ll matter what site they’re talking about, any site can be brought down, by removal of it’s name from all of the DNS servers in the US.  Any US Based site taken down this way will remove it from the whole world, and it could possibly happen to some sites based in other countries. (though harder, and it’d be less likely to happen outside of our controllable area.)

Small and large businesses that are based off of the ‘net could just vanish and die, I must say that this cannot happen, if it does, there will be some huge, bad, changes to come.

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Viruses, Virus Checkers, and Disk Corruption

… It’s been a while since I last posted here, isn’t it?

This has been one strange day. First I choose to install Ubuntu Linux on and old laptop laying around in the house, and while I’m installing some applications my mom calls me.

I go into the TV Room and see a ‘Virus Checker’ running on her computer, I immidatly recognize that as a Virus, it already had killed the copy of AVG on the computer, and the Windows Task Manager. I shut it down without letting it go through the shutdown procedure, hopefully to stop it from rooting itself in any deeper than it was, and booted it off of the same Ubuntu CD I had used in the old laptop. I copied all of the Documents to a portable Harddrive, and started a Virus Check through ClamAV

I go for a walk, and decide to install AVG For Linux on my Desktop to check the drive that I copied the documents to. During the install, the installer started showing a large number of errors, then my machine crashed. X_X

AVG had CORRUPTED the Partition that Ubuntu was installed in!

It took a fair amount of time and 4 reboots before I could get back to a usable desktop, My documents are fine, since I save them to a different partition, but all of this has caused this day to be … eventful.

Wow… Strange day.