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  • RPG Maker MV Release Day

    Last night RPG Maker MV was released to people who preordered via the website last night.  Needless to say…  I have been having a bit of fun with the new character generator.  Too bad they don’t allow making taller ‘RPG Maker XP’ style characters, though the new sprites do look better than the ones in […]

  • RPG Maker MV has been announced

    Well, I don’t usually preorder software, but I felt that it’d be a good idea to get RPG Maker MV, I like that type of software, and want to eventually make a complete game of my own…  If you want to take a look, you can click here to go to their site.  I’m still […]

  • RPG Maker 2000 is available on Steam

    I’ve been a fan of the RPG Maker series for quite some time, though I do wonder why RPG Maker 2000 costs more than 2003 (Although it does cost less than VX Ace at $60) I’m not really sure what else I should say, 2000 is effectively 2003 missing a few features, though it would be […]

  • RPG Maker 2003 has been released!

    Well… this was a couple of weeks ago, but the point still stands, an official release of RPG Maker 2003 has been made, and I’m one happy camper right now.  I’m planning on doing a comparison of RPG Maker 2003, XP, and VX Ace in the near future, so look out for that. If anyone […]