Take your time, Windows, take your time.

Windows, taking forever to load
Take your time windows...

I think that my last post on backing up came up just in time.  Today my computer is taking forever to boot into Windows 7, at least it also can boot into Ubuntu Linux, which I use more, but… it really shouldn’t take this long to start Windows.

Well I guess that it’s a good thing that I backup my computers.  If Windows died, I’ll need to re-install.

Well, talk to you more later, Have a good day. 🙂


Useful computer tip of the week

Clean your computer on a regular basis.  This means keep the harddrive defragmented, remove old software, temporary files, and clean your registry.

CCleaner is a good program for removing the old software, temporary files, and the registry.

Also you should clean your computer’s interior as well.  Dust buildup can clog the fans, short out the electronics, and it has a chance of causing a fire. (Just know that for it to get to this point, your computer will have to have gone a number of years without cleaning.)


Changes in Computing

Hmmm… Computers have changed a lot havn’t they?  I remember when we got a Gateway brand computer with Windows 95 installed, for over $1000.00 (I’m not sure on the number, I was a little kid at the time) It may have been powerful for it’s time, but now it can’t even compete with the lowest end computer from today. (Although… it does seem faster, as operating systems have been bloated with more features over the years)

Now, two years ago, I got a high end gaming laptop for just over $1000.00, it is a fast computer, but I need to work at keeping it’s copy of Windows 7 from getting gunked up, and slowing down…. hmm, that reminds me, I need to clean the filter on my vaccum cleaner. 🙂

My friend bought a new laptop yesterday, and asked me if I could get it to go any faster, it’s a quad core laptop, with 4 GB of RAM, and it was MUCH slooooooooweerrrr then my dual core laptop from two years ago, or even the Gateway computer from over 10 years ago!

Turns out that between Windows becoming heavier, and useless software being installed, many Windows-based computers are getting slower, even though they have faster, yet cheaper, hardware.  I was able to speed his computer up by removing unneeded software from the computer, including a second antivirus program, then the computer became quite fast.

I find it kind of freaky that the hardware is becoming cheaper, but it’s becoming harder to do any computing at a good speed, since most new computers have tons of bloatware pre-installed, which you have to remove, or else the computer can be pretty well useless.

Thank you for reading this post 🙂

–Peder Erickson