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  • A link that can crash Google Chrome

    Here’s an interesting video… Disclamer: Don’t do this in your Google Chrome browser, at least as of now it’ll crash that browser. Interestingly Firefox just gives an ‘Server not found’ error, Edge… well it doesn’t do anything, Internet explorer brings up an error saying that it cannot find that address.  I don’t have Opera, so […]


    I must admit, I’ve thought about this with how my Windows 7/8.1 machines have been nagging me to upgrade…  I mean really, 2-3 times per day on each computer? Courtesy of /u/Kubrick_Fan on Reddit Click here to view the Reddit thread.

  • Dig Build Live 360

    The fine folks that are making the Dig Build Live have made a … interesting… 360 video.  As with last time, i’ll probably work best in Google Chrome, though it appears that Firefox has added 360 video support.  Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (For those Windows 10 users out there…) do not support 360 videos at […]

  • Oculus Rift CV1 & Oculus Touch

    Here’s an interesting video that shows off the Oculus Rift CV1 from E3 – I really wish that I could have gone there this year. Go to 17:10 to see the actual hands-on demo. Yes this video is 40 minutes long. Sadly I haven’t gotten to do a hands-on with the Oculus Rift CV1, though […]

  • Minecraft on Hololens

    Earlier today, there Microsoft had a presentation about Minecraft on their Hololens headset… I have to wonder how close to reality that presentation is, I heard that Microsoft said that some truly epic things could be done with the Kinect, but none of that really happened, at least from what I’ve heard.  They want to […]

  • The new Oculus Rift has been revealed!

    I’m happy to see that the Oculus Rift will soon be released to the general public, sadly they put Mac and Linux support ‘on hold’, which means that Windows will be a requirement to use the Rift.  From some of the articles that I’ve been reading, thanks to a partnership with Microsoft (Which is probably […]

  • Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements. – NYTimes.com

    All I can say is wow… ORLANDO, Fla. — The employees who kept the data systems humming in the vast Walt Disney fantasy fief did not suspect trouble when they were suddenly summoned to meetings with their boss.While families rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and searched for Nemo on clamobiles in the theme parks, […]

  • It’s Pi Day!

    Not much to say, but I’m working on making new content for the site again.

  • It’s 11/11/11!

    It’s 11/11/11 today!  isn’t that neat? It’s a cool day for us geeks, as days where the same number is repeated many times are rare, The last one for quite a long time will be 12/12/12 at 12:12 AM and PM, as we only have twelve months in a year and twenty four hours in […]

  • Steve Jobs is dead

    The world lost a great man yesterday…  Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple, has died. I may not have used many products made by his company, but I still do have to say that he was one of the greatest minds of his time, without him, I don’t know where computers would be […]