Luckey defends Oculus’ decision to fund Rift-exclusive games

There has been a bit of a mess on Reddit, as Oculus revealed that they’re financing a number of Oculus Exclusive games…

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey shed some more light on the company’s approach to game development when he took to Reddit this weekend to respond to user concerns regarding Oculus’ decision to fund development of Rift-exclusive games from developers like Insomniac.

Source: Gamasutra – Luckey defends Oculus’ decision to fund Rift-exclusive game dev

Personally, I’m not sure what I think of Oculus exclusive games, I’d like to be able to play on any headset that I have, but I understand why they’re doing that.  They will need to turn a profit to be successful.  It is very likley that I’ll get the Oculus CV1, as I have both of the devkits, and I do really like VR.  I’m still looking forward to OSVR and the Vive headsets too, we have some interesting stuff coming down in 2016 it appears.

If you want to see the latest Reddit thread, click here.

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