My history with Computers Part 1, The early days

Windows 95 Desktop
Windows 95 Desktop

I’ve used computers since I was a little child, so I have quite the history with computers, starting with DOS/Windows 3.11, and ending currently with Ubuntu Linux, and Windows 7.

As I said, my first computer ran DOS/Windows 3.11, I got used to the command line with DOS, and worked with the GUI in Windows, it was a good system, it was actually fast (It still feels faster than some modern Windows 7/Vista machines…) I still have that computer, and it works, no Y2K problem with that one 🙂 .

My second computer was a Windows 95 Gateway.  This computer is still functioning as well, so I can still try out good ol’ Windows 95.  This is also a very good computer.

My third computer was a Windows 98 HP Pavilion.  This computer died a little while ago, Disk drive failure, this is going to be used in a project in the future :).  I didn’t think much of Windows 98, the computer crashed on a regular basis, and was really SLOOOOWWW… Needless to say, I wasn’t fond of this computer. This is when I started to learn how to Re-install the OS, as I did it a few times to speed this thing back up, before the drive failure.

The next computer was a Windows 98 E-machine.  Now Windows 98 ran as well as the Windows 95 Gateway computer.  I don’t have much to say about this one, but eventually Windows did die, I got a copy of Windows 2000 to put on that computer, and it has been running perfectly since then. I’m glad about the HP, it allowed me to learn

My fith computer was an old DOS compaq laptop, it stopped running a while ago due to a virus 🙁  all of it’s rescue disks were destroyed by it.

My sixth computer was a Windows ME Compaq laptop.  I don’t have much to say about Windows ME, except it crashed a lot.  It went Blue-screen when I opened Netscape! or Windows Media Player!….  I didn’t like that one.

Well, in my next post, I’ll post about my Windows XP Days,  it gets a little busier there, as things changed with the release of Xp.  it was good, but had it’s pitfalls…  See you tomorrow 🙂

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