Single Window GIMP release delayed…

Man… that would be so nice to have on my laptop.  not much of an issue on my desktop, it has dual screens, but multiple windows are tough to manage on a single screen setup…

The recently published article “What’s up with free multimedia production tools in 2010” already mentions that GIMP 2.8 is not going to be released this year despite of past estimations. However an advanced explanation is missing and still has to be communicated to users who are not exactly following events.

via News: What happened to GIMP 2.8 – Libre Graphics World.

Apparently, even though it’s a very large project, GIMP had only 3 developers.  and now one of them cannot work on GIMP on a regular basis, so now they’re down to two.

Wow I never knew that GIMP had so few people working on it.

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