Multiple neat things

Today was the official release of Windows 7, I think that Microsoft has figured out what it did wrong with Vista, as 7 is much better.  I don’t think that they’ll pull many people that changed to Mac or Linux back easily though.

In other news, Ubuntu 9.10 is due to be out in 7 days … 1 week after windows 7!

I must say that Ubuntu Karmic Koala  (9.10) is shaping up very well, it looks much better, has many more wallpapers… overall it will be a great OS as well.

On a non Operating system topic, Anyone that comes here should look at this neat video.

To see the video in higher quality, go here: Big Buck Bunny

This video was made with Blender on the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Neat that free software can do so much in the hands of experienced people!


Windows 7

I got a hold of Windows 7 Professional edition a little while ago, after using it for a day, I feel that Microsoft is doing much better than it did with Vista.  My only complaint is on the fact that the ‘Superbar’ is twice as wide as the old taskbar, and I cannot add extra toolbars on the other edges of the screen.  Most people won’t think about those things, well Netbook owners may have some issues…

All in all, Windows 7 is a great OS.  Now I’ve got to test out Ubuntu 9.10 🙂