Multiple neat things

Today was the official release of Windows 7, I think that Microsoft has figured out what it did wrong with Vista, as 7 is much better.  I don’t think that they’ll pull many people that changed to Mac or Linux back easily though.

In other news, Ubuntu 9.10 is due to be out in 7 days … 1 week after windows 7!

I must say that Ubuntu Karmic Koala  (9.10) is shaping up very well, it looks much better, has many more wallpapers… overall it will be a great OS as well.

On a non Operating system topic, Anyone that comes here should look at this neat video.

To see the video in higher quality, go here: Big Buck Bunny

This video was made with Blender on the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Neat that free software can do so much in the hands of experienced people!

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