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  • Mojang is ending the development of Scrolls

    In all honesty, I didn’t know much about Scrolls, aside from it being a new project that caused Zenimax to attempt to sue Mojang.  In the end, I think that the settlement that came out from that may be part of the reason that Microsoft is having Mojang discontinue that game.  From what I can […]

  • Minecraft on Hololens

    Earlier today, there Microsoft had a presentation about Minecraft on their Hololens headset… I have to wonder how close to reality that presentation is, I heard that Microsoft said that some truly epic things could be done with the Kinect, but none of that really happened, at least from what I’ve heard.  They want to […]

  • The new Oculus Rift has been revealed!

    I’m happy to see that the Oculus Rift will soon be released to the general public, sadly they put Mac and Linux support ‘on hold’, which means that Windows will be a requirement to use the Rift.  From some of the articles that I’ve been reading, thanks to a partnership with Microsoft (Which is probably […]

  • Cities Skylines Update 1.1.0

    A game that I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with has had a major update, it does break some things, but for the most part, the new features are very nice. The biggest new feature is tunnels, which I haven’t seen in a city sim since Sim City 4.  This is very nice, […]

  • DooM

    A teaser of the doom Reveal video has been put online… I’m looking forward to seeing more of the new Doom game coming up in the future.

  • RPG Maker 2003 has been released!

    Well… this was a couple of weeks ago, but the point still stands, an official release of RPG Maker 2003 has been made, and I’m one happy camper right now.  I’m planning on doing a comparison of RPG Maker 2003, XP, and VX Ace in the near future, so look out for that. If anyone […]

  • Portal 2 music video

    Oh how we laughed and laughed… except I wasn’t laughing… I think that the person that did the animations for the video did quite a good job.

  • 6 Hilarious Ways Game Designers Are Screwing With Pirates |

    Yes, I don’t think that people should be put in jail for many years for pirating, but I do still think that it is wrong.  The people that make the games do a lot of work, and usually don’t want people stealing their games.  Here’s some of the funniest ways of stopping pirates… Piracy accounts […]

  • Maximum PC | Fox News Decides That Videogames Cause bad stuff to happen, Gets Taken to Task by Real Journalists

    We wanted to avoid covering this story altogether – our logic, of course, being that Fox clearly wants attention, and it’s pulled very similar game-demonizing stunts in the past. But the outlet’s misinformation-packed article is everywhere now, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t attempt to drop a kernel of actual truth into the mess. […]