Maximum PC | System Wide Ribbons to Grace Windows 8

So, Windows 8 will be all ribboney…

According to, the Redmond software giant feels a ribbon interface will make Windows 8 more tablet-ready than Windows 7. It’s an interesting move from Microsoft, not just because ribbons will play a critical role in the next version of Windows, but also that Microsoft is opting to use the same OS for both mobile and non-mobile form factors.

via Maximum PC | System Wide Ribbons to Grace Windows 8.

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I’m not sure how well it’ll work, the ribbon takes a lot of screen space, I’d rather see the sides of the screen get used more, since we’re so big on wide screens.  If tall screens, or the old 4:3 style screens became popular again, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal, since we’d have a good amount of vertical screen space.


Up in the air!

Well, today was a crazy day, a storm in Minneapolis caused the airport to be closed last night, and it caused major backups in the Atlanta airport, causing the plane that was going to take us to Atlanta to be 3 hours late.  We were supposed to leave shortly after 2:00 PM, but we didn’t get on the plane until 5:00 PM, and didn’t leave until 5:30, due to the fact that we would disrupt the flow of traffic through the Atlanta airport.

Well, now we’re in the air, going from Atlanta to Minneapolis.  This was one tough family trip, but it was worth every minute. 🙂  I’ll be getting back to my regular stuff soon.

See you tonight, Minnesota! 🙂


Long time, no see

I think that someone may have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated in a while.  I’ve been at Chef school for almost a week and a half, and they haven’t given us much free time, so this blog hasn’t gotten updated.

If you want to know what I’ve been doing out here, check out another blog that I post at.

I should be able to start posting again after Monday, which is when I will be arriving at my house again.

Till then… Have fun 🙂

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It’s Veterans Day!

Sorry about taking so long between updates, A few computers crash, and I’m stuck fixing the mess for quite some time afterwords…

I never really thought of this before, but I now have two marines in my extended family, an Uncle that was an active marine some time ago, and one of my cousins joined the Marines earlier this summer, and will be finishing Boot Camp within the next few weeks.

I’ll get back to posting my usual stuff tomorrow.

Have a good day 🙂


Wow, It snowed!

First Snow of 2010
First snow of the year

I woke up this morning to this.  A white blanket covering the ground for the first time since last winter ended.

It was very windy yesterday, Trees fell, and a number of signs broke off due to the high winds.  Those winds must have died down some time last night, otherwise, we couldn’t have gotten such a blanket of snow 🙂

The Holidays are right around the bend now!

I will post the rest of my story later this week.





Regional Weather Map for the morning of Oct 27, 2010
Regional Weather Map for the morning of Oct 27, 2010

My History with Computers Part 2, Windows XP, and Linux

I’ve been having some issues with a Windows Vista install that has gone on the fritz, which is why I took so long to post this…

Well, here is Part 2 of my History with computers.

Now, somethime between 2001 and 2002 we got a Windows XP E-machine, it ran well, but my mom thought that Windows XP looked too much like a clown to be good in business :), E-machines was a good company … at the time.

After that one I got a Windows XP Compaq desktop.  Once again it ran well, though fairly slowly, it was eventually pointed out that I had gotten a computer with a slow CPU, so this wasn’t Windows XP’s fault.

One of my aunts had also just married a European man (From the UK to be specific) and he brought some disks with Mandrake Linux 9 on them.  This is what started me onto Linux, I installed it on the Windows 98 E-machine, and ran it for a fair amount of time.  It wouldn’t update due to the company behind it changing the name to Mandriva, which broke the older updaters.  I ran it off and on for a while, but stuck mostly with Windows.

Around this time is when I started to see problems with some of our computers.  My mom had gotten another E-machine around the time that I got the Compaq desktop computer.  Her E-machine computer started randomly re-booting, and crashing.  we took it into the Geek Squad… for a whole week, and they gave it a clean bill of health.  it died two days after, motherboard failure.  She got a HP Desktop from Walmart with Windows XP Media Center Edition.  This was just before the release of Vista, so it had one of those ‘Windows Vista Capable’ labels.

The HP Machine ran very well for over a year, then it got a Virus which wasn’t detected by the Virus checker, it did a lot of damage to the OS before I installed AVG Free Antivirus to replace the older, paid, program.  The viruses were detected and removed, but the computer was far too unstable for work.  My mom needed that computer running well within 24 hours, and she didn’t trust the Geek Squad since the last machine.  I decided to try out Ubuntu Linux.  The machine was running by the next day, able to boot between the unstable copy of Windows XP, and Ubuntu 7.04.  In retrospect, this was the first step to our ongoing removal of Windows from our main machines.

At this point I got a new E-machine, which had a very badly bugged copy of Windows XP (Last XP Machine at Walmart, everything else was Vista) The copy of Windows XP could not run any Full-screen programs, even though I installed a high-end graphics card.  It was soon running Ubuntu 7.04, and it got upgraded to 7.10 in October of that year.

Whew, that was a lot of text 🙂  Tune in tomorrow (I hope…*) for the third part of this series! Windows Vista, and Beyond!

*My Windows Vista/7 Laptop just died, time to put Ubuntu 10.10 on it 😉


Useful Computer tip of the Week

Screenshot of Openshot

This one is for People that are using Linux.

I know that some people like to edit video files on their computer, such as trim them for Youtube, or other video sites, but if they’re using Linux, there aren’t many good applications.  PiTiVi, the new default in Ubuntu 10.04 seems to be missing a number of basic features, which makes using a different program to make title screens, and transitions, a requirement.  Now a few days ago, I discovered OpenShot, a free and open video editing program.  it has all of the features that I need to make videos, and it is free! So if you’re a person that needs a good video editing tool, Openshot is the tool for you.

According to their site, they may make a Windows version soon, if they do, I’ll be installing it on my Windows laptop.

Have a good day!