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  • Rest in Peace Ian Murdock, Founder of Debian Linux

    Ian Murdock, the person that founded the Debian Linux distrobution of Linux, and the creator of the apt-get program has passed away at the age of 42.  It is a sad day when a person that has made a popular distro of Linux passes away.  I use Ubuntu as my primary distro, which is based […]

  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away – Nintendo Everything

    Today is a sad day… Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, has passed away. The company said in an official document that his death came about due to a bile duct growth, which he had been previously treated for. Here’s a look at the notice in full: Satoru Iwata started his gaming career when he joined […]

  • The new Oculus Rift has been revealed!

    I’m happy to see that the Oculus Rift will soon be released to the general public, sadly they put Mac and Linux support ‘on hold’, which means that Windows will be a requirement to use the Rift.  From some of the articles that I’ve been reading, thanks to a partnership with Microsoft (Which is probably […]

  • Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements. – NYTimes.com

    All I can say is wow… ORLANDO, Fla. — The employees who kept the data systems humming in the vast Walt Disney fantasy fief did not suspect trouble when they were suddenly summoned to meetings with their boss.While families rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and searched for Nemo on clamobiles in the theme parks, […]

  • SOPA lives—and MPAA calls protests an “abuse of power”

    MPAA, All I can do is a facepalm over this… The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has looked at tomorrow’s “Internet blackout” in opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)—and it sees only a “gimmick,” a “stunt,” “hyperbole,” “a dangerous and troubling development,” an “irresponsible response,” and an “abuse of power.” Wikipedia, reddit, […]

  • Apple Made A Deal With The Devil No, Worse: A Patent Troll | TechCrunch

    I  am personally one of the people who thinks that the american patent system is broken.  At one time it was designed so that people had to innovate and make new things, but now, at least in the software world, it’s being used to stop any competition.  Now, thanks to the patent system, there are […]

  • Tomorrow The Internet Will Begin to Die

    This is to anyone that thinks that those of us that live in the United States still live in ‘the land of the free’ … Tomorrow sees one of the most pivotal pieces of internet legislation pass through the halls of power in Washington. The ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ SOPA bill, combined with PROTECT IP […]

  • It’s 11/11/11!

    It’s 11/11/11 today!  isn’t that neat? It’s a cool day for us geeks, as days where the same number is repeated many times are rare, The last one for quite a long time will be 12/12/12 at 12:12 AM and PM, as we only have twelve months in a year and twenty four hours in […]

  • Steve Jobs is dead

    The world lost a great man yesterday…  Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple, has died. I may not have used many products made by his company, but I still do have to say that he was one of the greatest minds of his time, without him, I don’t know where computers would be […]

  • My History with Computers Part 2, Windows XP, and Linux

    I’ve been having some issues with a Windows Vista install that has gone on the fritz, which is why I took so long to post this… Well, here is Part 2 of my History with computers. Now, somethime between 2001 and 2002 we got a Windows XP E-machine, it ran well, but my mom thought […]