EA says offline Single-Player games are “Finished,” Online is the way forward

Well, now EA wants to convert to making games that have no ‘offline’ component, no true singleplayer mode.  I have to wonder what’s up with this?  First Blizzard with Starcraft II, and now EA wants to make online games.  Yes I hear the ‘It allows us to reduce piracy’ argument, but it can lock a lot of paying customers out of the game that they bought.

I’m not fond of this type of stuff.  What if you have no internet connection, or a bad connection?  People using dial-up, and satellite are going to be unable to play any game of that type, at least it wouldn’t be too fun.

In the end of the day, I believe that the best way to stop piracy is to sell the game for a good price (Not $60.00+) Don’t lock people out from the game, the Pirates will remove that part anyways, so it doesn’t stop them.

Go to Maximumpc.com to read the article.

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