Microsoft appears to be forcing Windows 10 Upgrades

Evidently, Microsoft has started making Windows 7/8.1 machines upgrade to Windows 10 without any input from the user, even showing the update on domain-connected computers, according to one redditor (As far as I know, this hasn’t appeared on any machines at my workplace, so I’m not going to say anything about that…)

Part of me thinks that Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 onto people who have disabled or removed the ‘GWX.exe’ which displays the ads for Windows 10, as those people appear to be the ones getting the forced upgrades.  If that is the case, I wonder if Windows 10 will be pushed on everyone around the time that the ‘Free Year’ is up.

From what I’ve seen, Microsoft *REALLY* wants everyone on Windows 10, the messages on my Windows 8 laptop have been becoming a bit more… pushy?…  essentially telling me that I have to upgrade soon, but so far it hasn’t forced anything on me.  The constant ‘Upgrade now!” messages have begun to leave a bad taste in my mouth though.

For now, I plan on keeping Windows 7 and 8 around, as both are still useful.  Also I miss some of the customization options that Windows 7 (and older) had.  No decent transparency, and no color customization beyond titlebars isn’t nice.  At least Windows 10 will have titlebar customization again soon… yay…  At least the windows won’t need to be pure white any more.

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