RPG Maker MV has been announced

Well, I don’t usually preorder software, but I felt that it’d be a good idea to get RPG Maker MV, I like that type of software, and want to eventually make a complete game of my own…  If you want to take a look, you can click here to go to their site.  I’m still not very fond of the ‘chibi’ characters introduced in RMVX, At least I can use sprites made for RMXP as they look a lot nicer (Too bad there aren’t too many available, sadly)  So far, I’m torn between VX Ace and RPG Maker 2003 as being the best RPG Maker available, I’m sure that MV will probably beat VX Ace (if for nothing else the cross platform compatibility.)

Here’s a link to their intro video.

You can also get RPG Maker MV at their Steam page.

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