Google and NASA: Quantum computer is 100 million times faster than normal PC

Well, this was an interesing peice of news that I came across today, Google and NASA have been working with quantum computing, and have made a computer that’s ‘100 million times faster’ than a normal PC, though it’s only useful for some very specific purposes right now.

I for one am looking forward to what this could mean in the world of computing in the future.  If quantum computers like Google and NASAs D-Wave can start to do more standardized tasks, and be shrunk down like modern computers have, I’m sure that the entire industry would change relativity quickly.  I’m also wondering what ‘Normal PC’ they’re comparing their quantum computer too, though when you’re running ‘100 million times faster’ than a normal one, you can have quite the range for specs on the ‘normal pc’.  If you want to read more on this subject, click here to read more.

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